We often hear stories about the prospects of new selling channels, especially on the Internet. Trading on the Internet is not as simple as it might seem from the stories of web studios and advertising agencies. Therefore, we decided to dispel some myths about this sphere to avoid making common mistakes.


There are thousands of customers on the Internet who are ready to purchase your products

Indeed, the Internet is one of the most promising channels for the sale of goods and services. However, it should be borne in mind that the share of Internet sales in the total volume of retail trade remains modest, despite the existing trend towards constant growth. Therefore, in order not to be disappointed, it is worth more objectively assessing the possible sales volume and the possible amount of expenses for the creation and promotion of your Internet project.

1) Creating the site yourself will be much cheaper

The website is a key element in the online sales model, however, fewer entrepreneurs understand its importance. Delegating the development of the site to amateurs, who have no experience is the way to the rapid collapse of the project. It is likely that such users will not stay on this site, and move to competitors. Therefore, we advise you to involve people with experience at the initial stage, who will be able to choose a proper CMS and configure it for you.

2) We know our clients well, so we don’t need marketing

Online and offline customers have many differences. They not only have different consumer motives, but also different schemes for choosing one or another product. Accordingly, the promotion must be adapted. Before spending serious funds on advertising, it is worth analyzing the buyers and identifying their key needs. It will allow you to form a clear understanding of your target audience, and identify the motives that push the potential customers to buy. Besides, such a marketing analysis will allow you to understand exactly where your audience is located on the Internet and how you can reach it.

3) Social networks can boost sales

Indeed, many products can be successfully sold via social networks. However, it requires serious investments in social media marketing (SMM). Meanwhile, not all products can be sold via social media. Particular attention should be paid to visual content because it encourages interest in your product. The current trend in the development of SMM is that social networks are becoming the media. It is getting more and more difficult to create high-quality and interesting content for the audience and compete for attention on social networks.

4) We will create a website, and clients will find us themselves

This is the most dangerous myth because it is very disappointing. After you have gone through all the stages of developing and launching the site, you expect that clients will start to come. However, there are very few of them. Why is this happening? Everything is very simple. The Internet is just a pool of information. For a client to notice you, or at least to know about your existence, you need to make a lot of effort and spend money on advertising.

We hope, you will avoid the above mistakes after reading this article. What was your biggest disappointment after launching the online store? Share with us in the comments.