Bulldozers, Cranes and Diggers

Bulldozers, Cranes and Diggers as used in construction

Bulldozers, cranes and diggers or excavators(maskinentreprenør) are some of the heavy duty equipment you will find in any modern construction site. They are used to reduce the effort and time used to achieve some of the heavy duties that are carried out on a construction site. These machines serve different purposes at the construction site and a site manager needs to be familiar with how and what the machines do in order to increase their efficiency.

What do these heavy duty machines do?

Cranes are used for loading, lifting and unloading heavy building materials from one spot to another where they are required. Digger(graving) and excavators share similar tasks which involve digging up trenches and foundations, demolition works and landscaping. The two names are at times used interchangeably to refer to any of these two machines. A bulldozer is used for pushing large quantities of rocks or soil and also loosens materials that may have been compacted during the process of excavation.

How do diggers, bulldozer, cranes and excavators work?

Cranes are fitted with wire ropes that assist in lifting and lowering materials. The crane needs to sit on stable footing for safety and stability. Bulldozers(singel) are equipped with a metal blade at their front and a ripper at their rear. The blade pushes materials while the ripper loosens compacted material. They are also tracked for easy mobility through rough terrains. Diggers and excavators(feiing) are usually fitted with attachments such as ripper teeth, breakers or hammers depending on the job at hand. Ripper teeth are used where digging deep hard grounds and huge rocks is involved. The hammers and breakers break and crash rocks to the required size.

Types of diggers, bulldozer, cranes and excavators

Bulldozers come in two types: Those mounted on wheels and those mounted on tracks. Cranes fall under the overhead, mobile or fixed categories. Excavators and diggers come in three types, namely: Compact excavators, crawler excavators and wheeled excavators. Looking at the amount of work that goes into road construction, buildings and bridges, one cannot start to comprehend how much time would be spent without using these machines. These machines also save on effort used as it would be very tiring to do this kind of work with bare hands. An understanding of what each of these machines do will assist a site manager make the right choice for the kind of work planned.